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Palm Beach County bandsHello friends! My name is Robin and I am The Kinected’s Fan Club President / Coordinator. Our objective is simple: to have a central location to discuss The Kinected, and to also help spread the word about the band. If you haven’t had the chance to meet these guys, or see them perform live, you are really missing out. Their music is incredible and we need to help spread their message. Thanks to you all, we have been able to accumulate an army of over 400 people deep in my short time working with The Kinected. If you would like to know more about the Fan Club and how you can become a part of it, please shoot me an email at Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. All the best!


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Palm Beach County bands
Thu, Jun 177:00pmThe Crafted Keg (Duo)Stuart, FL.Map
Fri, Jun 183:00pmBlue Pointe Bar & GrillTequesta, FL.Map
Sat, Jun 199:00pmCarsons Tavern Stuart, FloridaMap
Sat, Jun 269:00pmPaddy Mac's (Duo) Palm Beach Gardens, FLMap
Sun, Jun 276:00pmAlex Zapatier @ SailFish Club of Florida (private)Palm Beach, FL.Map
Fri, Jul 26:30pmDAS Craft Beer + Pizza (Duo)Rivera Beach, FL.Map
Sun, Jul 4TBDPrivate House Party StuartMap
Wed, Jul 78:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Fri, Jul 96:00pmLeftover's Cafe (Duo)Jupiter, FloridaMap
Sat, Jul 107:00pmDAS Beer Garden (Duo)Jupiter, FL.Map
Thu, Jul 157:00pmThe Crafted Keg (Duo)Stuart, FL.Map
Sat, Jul 174:00pmTideHouse (Duo)Stuart, FL.Map
Wed, Jul 218:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Fri, Jul 239:00pmMaxi's LineupJupiter, FLMap
Sat, Jul 318:00pmPaddy Mac'sPalm Beach Gardens, FL.Map
Wed, Aug 48:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Wed, Aug 188:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Sat, Aug 216:00pmTequesta Brewing Co.Tequesta , FL.Map
Sat, Aug 289:00pmMaxi's LineupJupiter, FLMap
Fri, Oct 87:00pmDAS Beer Garden (Food Truck Event)Jupiter, FL.Map
Fri, Oct 296:00pmPrivate EventPalm Beach Gardens, FL.Map

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