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Palm Beach County bands

Wed, May 128:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Fri, May 146:30pmDAS Craft Beer + Pizza (Duo)Rivera Beach, FL.Map
Sat, May 156:00pmTequesta Brewing Co.Tequesta , FL.Map
Fri, May 217:00pmBlue Pointe Bar & GrillTequesta, FL.Map
Sun, May 234:00pmPrivate House PartyWest Palm Beach, FL.Map
Wed, May 268:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Thu, May 278:00pmSquare Grouper - Fort Pierce (Duo)Fort Pierce, FL.Map
Sat, May 294:00pmTideHouse (Duo)Stuart, FL.Map
Sun, May 306:00pmAlex Zapatier @ SailFish Club of Florida (private)Palm Beach, FL.Map
Fri, Jun 46:30pmDAS Craft Beer + Pizza (Duo)Rivera Beach, FL.Map
Sat, Jun 5TBDPrivate House PartyPalm Beach Gardens, FL.Map
Wed, Jun 98:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Sat, Jun 127:00pmDAS Beer Garden (Duo)Jupiter, FL.Map
Thu, Jun 177:00pmThe Crafted Keg (Duo)Stuart, FL.Map
Fri, Jun 183:00pmBlue Pointe Bar & GrillTequesta, FL.Map
Sat, Jun 199:00pmCarsons Tavern Stuart, FloridaMap
Wed, Jun 238:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Fri, Jul 26:30pmDAS Craft Beer + Pizza (Duo)Rivera Beach, FL.Map
Sat, Jul 33:30pmBlue Pointe Bar & Grill (Duo)Tequesta, FL.Map
Sun, Jul 4TBDPrivate House Party StuartMap
Wed, Jul 78:00pmSquare Grouper - JupiterJupiter, FL.Map
Sat, Jul 107:00pmDAS Beer Garden (Duo)Jupiter, FL.Map
Fri, Jul 167:00pmTownie's TavernPalm City, FL.Map
Sat, Jul 318:00pmPaddy Mac'sPalm Beach Gardens, FL.Map
Sat, Aug 216:00pmTequesta Brewing Co.Tequesta , FL.Map


Palm Beach County bands


Palm Beach County bands


Palm Beach County bands
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  • “Evolution #9” debut album charts at #22 on CMJ Radio Top 30 Alternative Charts!
  • “Hypnotize” is on  Sirius XM Satellite Radio!
  • “Hypnotize” single charts #134 on Mediabase Top 40 Radio!
  • “Hypnotize” single charts #17 on Mediabase Indie charts!
  • “Hypnotize” ranked #1 on IHEART Radio’s “Discover and Uncover!”
  • The Kinected is a FEATURED ARTIST on New York’s Z100!
  • National Radio awareness campaign for “Hypnotize” on FM stations across the country including:
    1. WRIF (HD2) Detroit, MI
    2. KTCL Denver, CO (Est. 5K audience)
    3. KFMA Tucson, AZ
    4. WBJB Monmouth, NJ
    1. KMKF Manhattan, KS
    2. SIRIUS / XM Nationwide Satellite
    3. Fearless Worldwide Online
    4. Cyberstorm Worldwide Online